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First and foremost Hammer & Ale provides individualized customer service. Every guest is unique and our knowledgeable staff is here to ensure that you get the most from your visit – whether it’s your first time in, or you’re a regular

We offer a carefully curated selection of local & regional beers and a well-crafted food menu in a warm, friendly, atmosphere. 

Hammer & Ale prides itself with constantly rotating our curated selection of craft beers while offering pints, samplers, & growlers; we maintain a balanced & evolving selection on 24 draught taps + limited & seasonal release options when available.  We do our best to keep the list updated on a daily basis.  In addition to our craft beers we have a wonderful selection of bourbons & wines.  

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craft beer, bourbon & wine

Though concise, our food menu was designed to complement our beverage selection. While we are not a full-service restaurant – food was certainly not an afterthought. Intended to be shareable and light, but substantive; we offer something for everyone.

Much more than just a beverage – craft beer is a critical component of our social, economic, and political well-being and has played a central role in nearly all cultures, past and present. In fact, that there is convincing evidence that the development of agriculture: widely regarded as the foundation of civilization, was actually based on the cultivation of grain for beer – not bread.     Beer is the staff of life!

Hammer & Ale…

Throughout human history, the drinking-place has been regarded a special environment. A separate social world with its own customs and values; a socially integrative, welcoming environment – whose primary function is to facilitate social bonding.

We strive to be that place that binds people together – encouraging & reinforcing social hospitality through beer culture.